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tylean's Journal

15 November
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Vocalist, “Pianist,” and Cello Rapist, Recording Artist TyLean is fast becoming known as eccentric and daring, willing to sacrifice popularity for the sake of art and musicality for the sake of atmosphere. She is well known for having a hypnotically beautiful voice, but even a powerful voice cannot alleviate the quagmire of despair in her songs of human cruelty or her recreations of nightmares and insanity.

Following her 2005 debut EP, "When All Else Fails," TyLean recorded and released "Between 10 and 2" in 2007. Beginning with a sound recording of a television broadcast signoff from the 1980’s - a crucial element in setting the scene - the album chronicles a descent into insanity. The album’s tracks demonstrate waking insanity, hallucinations, loneliness, and even the subject of nightmares in the self-proclaimed masterpiece, “Rosalyn.”

“Between 10 and 2” was finished literally hours before TyLean departed the United States to live in England while she studied for her Master’s degree in Music Composition for Film and Television at the University of Bristol. TyLean scored several short films and documentaries while she lived abroad, but perhaps more importantly, she utilized the distance to reflect on a childhood of horror growing up in rural Pennsylvania. “The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable” was the resulting album, a project that is near completion.

TyLean is now living in London and is currently focused on a project she began writing in 2006 called 22 Morbid. The album is called “Thus Far,” a fictitious song cycle of a gothic nature with strong undertones of TyLean’s political and religious opinions. The album has undergone many transitions and periods of abandonment as TyLean struggles to find the best articulation for the album, which is musically entirely different from her "solo" work.

TyLean plans to release “The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable” and “Thus Far” in 2009.